Tan Hill Inn Live Music

Some of our old Tan Hill Inn live music stories

A fantastic event with lots of artists! Our British Sea Power Festival on the 30th April and 1st & 2nd May was an outstandingly successful musical event which lifted the roof off and provided phenomenal entertainment for the thousands of people who came along over the Festival period. In addition we are very pleased to have raised some £1400 for the hospice at Wetherby from your generous donations.

It was the night before Halloween and the Werewolves, Spooks and Ghouls are having a party with Witches Brew, Apple “Dookin”, Music, Mayhem. Will there be a Slaughtered Lamb? Why not get dressed up and come and join us? If you’re brave enough!

We weren’t quite sure what to expect when we woke up this morning Then it started… tents going up by the score, people appearing all day… more tents! Then at about 8pm the doors to the barn opened complete with the new stage (built by Ian, Glyn and Ian) and the Barn filled with tea lights and fairy lights. Tables and chairs round the outside of the room and blankets and cushions on the floor. The room started to fill and fill quickly. The two support acts played to full houses and were really good. And then at 10.30pm on walked Lanterns on the Lake (they’ve played Glastonbury and other festivals this year)… they were Superb! What a night! To a full house they brought their very special type of music and great voices. There was people who had never heard of them before that are now fans. I think it was just one of those moments in your life that you will remember, the way the room looked, the atmosphere, the crowd and crowned by the fantastic music. A Big Thanks goes to Ian from Higher Sounds who supplied the PA and did the sound (and also built the stage).

And we would like to say that Lanterns on the Lake donated all the proceeds of the night to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. We are at the moment working out the total amount raised over the month and will post the final figure on our websites asap. A massive thanks to all involved this month; staff who have worked really hard, customers who have given to the charity so well and have been so nice to us… and all the bands, singers, players and sound technicians. And to the 100+ people who have asked… Yes, Lanterns on the lake will be back next year!

In the Barn we saw an absolutely fabulous night of Bluegrass music from Harpeth Rising from the USA on the last night of their British tour. We were really pleased to have them play here and to stay with us… great music and really lovely people (and the Yellow dress will stay in Richie’s mind for a long time). We are going to try and get them back next year.

Friday night started off with Rantin Richie (Poet, Master of Mayhem and Barman), followed by Ian M.Anderson (the North-East’s best-kept secret) with his first set. The hours were full of songs being sung and the ale flowing freely. The stage (and mic’s) were then opened to the floor and wow, we were not disappointed… singers, guitarists, percussionist… and even a bloke with a ‘Pam Ayres’ poem book!!!!… and all held together by Rantin Richie. Then it was back to Ian M Anderson to finish the night off in style… everything from casts being ‘snipped’ to Buddy Holly medley’s… but when he led the audience in Sweet Caroline, it was something to behold!!!!!!!!!

Saturday started at 1pm, once again with Richie and Ian with more of the same (maybe not so much mayhem) and then the Music continued all through the day in the bar with singer/songwriters, folk bands and more players from the floor until 7pm, when Granny Smith’s Maggot (the hardest working Irish Band in the North) played. They had the place jumping… what a brilliant night! Then it was through to the barn for the Arrival, a young rock band, who finished the night off well.

Sunday was very special… the Amazing Dan Donnelly sang and played during lunch time and because he was staying with us, he just continued to sing and play… he must have performed for at least 5 or 6 hours during the day and night.

The Tan Hill Inn is famous the world-over for many reasons, not least that it is the highest pub in Great Britain at 1732 feet above sea-level, making it the highest pub Gig venue in the country as well.

We have live music on every Thursday / Friday / Saturday

Every Thursday is IAN BUSKER night.

We are regularly visited by a variety of local artistes from different genres, as well as those of more national acclaim. Check out our events page for coming live music and other events as tickets may be limited.

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In August 2008 fans were treated to an impromptu Arctic Monkey Gig, taking to the makeshift stage in the Tan Hill Inn barn in our remote North Yorkshire Pub.

British Sea Power played a set of live music at the Tan Hill Inn iconic barn in August 2008. On the 30th April, 1st and 2nd of May, 2010 return for the Tan Hill Festival – raising £1400 for Weatherby hospice.